How's this for a feel-good story to start your week off strong? A couple in Arkansas has big plans for their future thanks to a husband's forgetfulness and a store clerk's mere confusion.

According to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, Carrie Middlebrook had to double back to a convenience store in Bono, AR to pick up an item her husband forgot to grab on his way home.

While she was in the storre, Middlebrook asked the clerk for a $2 scratch-off ticket along with two $10 tickets and a 5-Buck Bundle ticket. However, the cashier misunderstood and pulled a $20 $1 Million Spectacular ticket from the dispenser instead of the $2 ticket.

Middlebrook then left and scratched the ticket in her car. When she saw the “1” under No. 12 (her winning number), she thought maybe she had won $100. But then when she saw the “M,” she knew she won BIG.

Middlebrook said the 3-mile drive home felt like 300, but when she got there, she asked her husband to come outside.

“When I opened Carrie’s car door, she was crying and shaking. I thought she had hit a deer!” Mike Middlebrook laughed. “I looked at the ticket and couldn’t believe it.”

They plan to pay off their house and vehicles and put a big part of the prize money back for retirement.

I love stories like this! It's a friendly reminder to not sweat the small stuff - like having to go back to the store! It could really change your life for the better.

Here in Texas, the big news last week was the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots. But don't let that distract you from the big money left to win in Texas alone. The Texas Two-Step and Texas All Or Nothing jackpots are sitting at $250,000 each!

You can always grab a scratch-off too just for fun!

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