Warning: you might feel a little queasy after looking at these coronavirus struggle meals. Fortunately, I did not make any of them. I may have been destitute in the kitchen a time or two over these past few weeks, but never this desperate!

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Ranker.com put out a list of 28 dishes that people have been making/creating ever since The Big Coronavirus Lockdown of 2020. I took a look at a few of the pics and I haven't stopped heaving.

Are you sure you want to see these struggle plates? Do so at your own risk!

  • Ham & Cereal (What in the Ham Sandwich is this mess?)
  • Nutella Spaghetti (More like, Grosstella, amirite?)
  • Coronaballs (When your Meatballs come down with COVID-19, this is what they'll look like, I swear!)
  • "Well Done" Wings (Whoever cooked this needs to have their stove taken away!)
  • Air Fryer S'mores (Lawd, help the chirren!)
  • "Clam Chowder with a Taquito in it" (Banish whoever did this from the kitchen. For life!)
  • "Egg Roll in a Hot Dog Bun with Peanut Butter and Sriracha" (Looks like something you would use to fend off vampires and she-devils.)

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