We love us some Cody Johnson in East Texas. And we've been waiting a long time for new music from Cody. The wait is about to be over. His new album, Ain't Nothin' To It, is coming out January 18.

Right now you can buy his new single, "On My Way To You", heard during the interview above. On October 26, you can pre-order the album and get 4 more songs from the album right then.

We did get an interesting tid bit of news during his talk with Big D and Bubba, we could, possibly, cross our fingers, get a Chris Ledoux tribute album featuring Cody and Chris Ledoux's son, Ned. I'm already sold.

It's nice to hear, too, that when Cody is home, he's home. Just being a husband and dad, working his field, unplugging from his many days on the road performing.

We're already for January 18. We need that new Cody Johnson music in our ears.

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