Scotty McCreery is on fire right now with his latest song "In Between." He took some time on the phone to talk to Big D and Bubba about the song and the books he's in too.

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Scotty didn't have much to do with the beginning of the interview. It turned into Big D and Bubba's book club. They got Scotty to list what he's been reading. From there, Bubba gave him a whole list of books to check out. Really, you could write these down, too, to check out yourself.

He talked about being ready to get back on the road. With the whole virus still around us, Scotty seems to have the approach that most of us do, he recognizes it's out there and it's getting people sick and is respectful of those that are taking their own precautions.

"In Between" is his current number one single. Check out the video which features his wife, Gabby.

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