Australia is becoming known for producing some good country singers. Big D and Bubba brought in Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson otherwise known as Seaforth for us to get to know them.

These guys grew up together but didn't get together until their late teens. They actually had a bit of a musical rivalry in high school. The rivalry has turned into a great duo, however. Check out their debut tune "Love That".

We got to learn a few Australian phrases thanks to Big D's game. It was fun to hear Tom and Mitch know the American phrases they were given. We did learn that "shrimp on the barbie" isn't a phrase in Australia.

It got really awkward as Big D tried to show off his Australian accent. It was bad to put it nicely.

The guys gave us a cover of Shania Twain's "Still The One". It is pretty good.

Keep an ear out for these guys, some big things could be coming. If you want to find out more about Seaforth, check 'em out at

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