This was beautiful radio this morning (Wednesday, August 9). Susan is losing her fight against cancer and is in hospice care.

However, that awful diagnosis is not taking her spirit. She is on an adventure to complete her bucket list.

One of those items is to ride in a helicopter. Big D and Bubba, being pilots, helped set up a helicopter ride for Susan.

Let's take a moment and give this some thought. We'll go through today and find something to petty to complain about. Susan has been in a fight that trumps any complaint we have during our day.

Throughout all this, knowing that her time is limited, her spirit and love of life has not been beaten. As Bubba talked about this morning, this should give us inspiration to be with our loved ones more.

Susan, we all are praying for you and your family and thank you for sharing this moment with us.

I apologize, I've got a little dust in my eye.

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