Having a pet brings a wonderful aura to your home. Whether it's a dog, cat, bird, fish, whatever, having that sense of unconditional love helps any of us relax after a hard day's work or makes a lazy day snuggling with them very nice. There is one particular dog that I want to point out today because of what she has done for many other pups but could face a sad fate unless she finds a home soon in Tyler, Texas. Her name is Ivy and her story is pretty cool. Read more about her below and talk with your family to see if she could be a fit for your loved ones.

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Ivy is a one and a half year old terrier mix available for adoption at the Smith County Animal Control and Shelter. The thing about Ivy is that she not any ordinary doggo, she has been willing and able to donate blood to help save other dogs. Ivy is a universal blood donor and has been at the shelter since June 2. We don't know how or why she arrived at the shelter. As we know with the Smith County Animal Shelter, they are Not a no kill shelter. That means that Ivy's heroics could come to an end if she is not adopted soon.

She is a universal blood donor as well as an adorable, very adoptable dog. - Saving Animals from Euthanasia in Texas volunteer Pearl Wittholt
Ivy - Smith County Animal Shelter
Ivy - Smith County Animal Shelter

I'm not gonna go all Sarah McLachlan on you but look at that beautiful pooch. She has a loving smile and is ready to provide some unconditional love and comfort to your home. If you feel that Ivy is right for your family, contact the Smith County Animal Shelter at 903-266-4303 or stop by their facility at 322 East Ferguson Street in Tyler.

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