Big D and Bubba have plenty of friends in country music. It's become even more evident with Big D's Prankenscents candles becoming favorites of Lee Brice and others. One of the country music friends, Jerrod Niemann, stopped by the Big D and Bubba studio and helped play a trick on Carsen to see if she could guess which member of the show it was just by feeling their arms.

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They blindfolded Carsen and told her she had to feel each member of the show's biceps and see if she could guess who it was. The thing was, she was never going to feel anyone's biceps, they brought in Jerrod Niemann and she just felt his arms. I don't think Carsen minded the trick at all.

She even got two hugs from Jerrod.

Jerrod Neimann was not only in the studio to prank Carsen, he stopped by the studio to talk about what was then a brand new song called "God Made A Woman". Again, this was a few years ago but check out the video for the song below.

It's a really good song from Jerrod. He's had several very underrated songs throughout his career. Take a listen to them below.

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