Writing a letter to Santa can be fun, but it might take a week or two for a response from the North Pole.  If kids leave a voice mail for Santa using Mom's cell phone, he might call back a whole lot quicker.

Kids don't have much patience when it comes to feedback on their holiday wish lists, so thankfully for parents this year, Santa has his own hotline.

And parents, if we use our cellphones to leave the message, Santa will send us a text so his response will be there when we're ready and we can listen to and share it with the whole family.

The Santa hotline:


For Spanish, dial 605-313-4001

My 9-year old daughter called the number, but she said she got "creeped out" and she hung up before leaving Santa a message.  Ha!  Creeped out, really?!  If she doesn't get what she wants for Christmas I guess she'll know it was because Santa heard that.

Make sure the kids have an idea of what to say before dialing the number or they could freeze up and lose a golden opportunity to state their cases while they've got Santa's undivided attention.  They could write out a wish list and instead of putting it in an envelope and mailing it to the North Pole, call the hotline instead.

Once we make that call to the Santa hotline, he'll take care of all the gifts and we're off the hook, right parents?  Woohoo!

And if the kids love The Grinch, well, there's a hotline for that too.  If you dial 712-832-8555, you can listen to that classic story.


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