Chris Young stopped by the Big D and Bubba studio and talked a bit about his Christmas album, Star Wars and dropped a hint about a new album.

It's interesting how many of Chris Young's great songs never made it to number one. "Aw Naw" is one, a top three song for Chris, "Neon", never made it into the top twenty. That's crazy. If his latest song "Hanging On" hits number one, it will be number eleven for him.

You gotta love Bubba bringing up Star Wars. Chris Young is a big Star Wars fan, too. To hear those two nerd out on the Star Wars films was great.

We heard a bit of his Christmas album, which is great if you love Christmas music. It's funny to find out that a lot of Christmas albums are made in the summer. Chris was recording his in San Diego and got some weird looks walking down the street listening and humming to his recordings.

We even got a small hint at some new music from a new album coming at some point.

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