It all began in the early 1900's when the founders of Lake Lomond decided to construct this 25-acre lake on land used for farming at the time. They'd been inspired by LOCH Lomond in Scotland. And thus, Lake Lomond was created.

The Friends of Lake Lomond, on their website, share with us that "the dam built at Harris Creek, that was used to create the lake, later became part of a road constructed in the 1940s by Gregg County where commissioners at that time misspelled the lake’s name by calling the thoroughfare 'Lake Lamond Road.'"

There are still a couple of structures on the property that had been in use back in that time, which allows a bit of the interesting history to be present.

The Friends of Lake Lomond, a 501c3 non-profit in Longview, have a mission:

We are devoted to partnering with the community to conserve, promote and enhance Echols Park at Lake Lomond through volunteerism, advocacy, innovative programming, and financial support in order to provide public green space and ensure access for current and future generations."


Their vision, shared with the previous owners of the lake before, was for this lake, along with the now-developing Echols Park to offer a beautiful lake setting, walking and biking trails, watersport rentals, and maybe even lakefront business at some point! 

But just the natural setting. We're talking "approximately 92 acres of natural old growth forest, wetlands, and creek systems with a 26-acre lake and approximately 1.5 miles of a connecting loop trail that will wind around the lake and wetlands areas," according the Friends of Lomond Lake website.

And even more to look forward to? Yes!

Friends of Lomond Lake, along with developer Hudson Johnson, are discussing "a boardwalk, a small outdoor amphitheater, a boat launch for non-motorized boats, and fishing docks as well as commercial and retail development along the peripheries of the park. The trail will eventually connect with the City of Longview’s Boorman Trail along Grace Creek near Highway 80."

Such a natural treasure already. Kudos to Friends of Lake Lomond, Hudson Johnson, AND the McWhorter Family for partnering to beautify and elevate an already lovely area for all East Texas and visitors.


Longview's Lake Lomond will Offer Family Fun, Hike & Bike Trails, Watersports and More!

New Partnership means Lake Lomond and the soon to be developed Echols Park will offer a beautiful lake setting, walking trails, watersport rentals, and maybe even lakefront business at some point!

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