What a very strange year this has been. And it's even STRANGER to say that after 2020. But here we are.

Many of us feel still in a bit of limbo as to how to best spend the holidays and Christmas season this year. Is it safe to get together with large groups of people or are we gonna be "zooming" our seasons greetings online?

Decisions, decisions.

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Well, whatever you decide it might be a good idea to make sure you have a clear list of shipping deadlines for the 2021 holiday season. After all, even in "normal" years, it's important to keep track of such things.

And on top of that, we've already heard mail is moving more slowly right now. Not to mention they've even predicted shortages of the gifts themselves, so do that shopping EARLY this year, my dear. And make sure you get those lovingly-selected gifts and cards in the mail in time so they get to your loved ones on time.

Nathan Lemon, Unsplash
Nathan Lemon, Unsplash

If you're using FEDEX:

Thankfully they've made a super helpful chart so you can see the exact last days for shipping depending on what you're willing to pay for shipping. Take a look -----> HERE. Generally, no later than December 15...but honestly, I'd send them earlier.

OK, great. But what if you're going with UPS

Fast Company reports that if you're shipping via UPS, "get out your packages by December 20. For quicker options, aim for no later than between December 21–23, for three-day, second-day, or next-day delivery. Find more specific transit times for your particular location at the UPS website."

And what about the USPS?

Well as aforementioned, we've been warned that mail will be moving more slowly this year. So the USPS suggests making sure your packages are in the mail no later than December 15 (by ground) if you want it to be there on Christmas Day.

If you're doing priority mail, the date is December 18. Priority mail Express? No later than December 23.

Between us? I'd get it out sooner than that. (Just in case.)

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