Riley Green has stormed onto the country music scene with his tune, There Was This Girl. And for good reason, it's a great tune. The conversation started with talking about the song, the video specifically. It was filmed at a club in Alabama.

We learned that Riley just started writing music and performing in Alabama, where he's from, and his popularity grew organically. First traveling the South then to signing his record deal. He wanted to be quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys or a UPS driver before music took over. Good to have goals, right?

Riley did perform in the studio for us. First he sang his debut hit, There Was This Girl:

Riley likes to duck hunt. So, Bubba had to show off his duck call. Riley more associated it to a mouse call.

Riley does have a great voice. It was something that took a while to believe just because his mom and grandmother always told him he sounded great. As people got to know his music, he believed it more and more over time.

Riley's rise has not been conventional compared to other artists. He has written any songs in Nashville before singing. He's releasing music different than most artists. He's going about in a way that's different but also seems to pay off for him.

Among the songs he did for us, he covered a The Band tune:

Pretty good dude. Find out more about Riley Green at his website.

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