She is brand new to the country music scene. Her name is Tenille Townes. Pronounced ta-kneel towns.

She came with her debut tune called "Somebody's Daughter". Patrick got a little emotional the tune. Being a father to a daughter we can understand why. It's a great song.

She talked about listening to music growing up. Her mom was more pop oriented. Her grandparents were in to classic country. Her dad had a more rock influence. She said her dad is a huge fan of U2. That's where her cover song comes in.

She sounds great. Tenille has an EP out now, Living Room Worktapes, which includes "Somebody's Daughter".

Here's something else. You can text Tenille. She has a number that she said you can send a "Hi", a compliment, your life story, whatever: 615-492-3130. Give it a try.

Find out more about Tenille Townes at her website.

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