In November of last year, Little Debbie introduced their first ice cream in a huge way, combining their Christmas Tree Cakes with vanilla ice cream. Oh holy taste buds was it good. So good, in fact, that it was very rare to find a pint at your local Walmart. The company behind that ice cream just announced that more Little Debbie snack cake favorites are coming exclusively to the ice cream section at your local Walmart.

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Hudsonville Ice Cream posted this on their Facebook page Tuesday, January 25:

Hudsonville Ice Cream via Facebook
Hudsonville Ice Cream via Facebook

Oh yes my friends, favorites like Oatmeal Creme Pies, Zebra Cakes, Nutty Buddy and more are coming to your freezer. These flavors will only be in pint sizes and available exclusively at Walmart. No price was given, but the Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream was $2.50 for a pint so I would think it would be a similar price.

There will be seven flavors available at launch:

Oatmeal Creme Pies

Cosmic Brownies

Zebra Cakes

Honey Buns

Strawberry Shortcake Rolls

Swiss Rolls

Nutty Buddy

And just think about this, if these take off, imagine getting a Star Crunch ice cream or a Fudge Rounds or a Glazed Donut Sticks. O!M!G!

If you recall in November, Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream started showing up in freezers at Walmart. The day of release, I went to three different Walmarts in Tyler and one Neighborhood Market. None of them had any. It wasn't until about ten days after release that they finally showed up here. Problem was, they sold out almost as soon as they went on the shelf.

I was quick enough to be able to gather four pints for us to try at the station.

These new flavors will be available at Walmart starting Tuesday, February 1. We will once again grab these up and give them a try, if there are any left.

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