If you've been working hard all week long dreaming about going to Texas Roadhouse and pigging out on delicious big steaks and those delicious cinna-butter rolls, we have some bad news for you: You're going have to wait awhile.

According to a post on Texas Roadhouse (Tyler,TX) Facebook page, the Tyler location of Texas Roadhouse will be closing at 6:00 pm on Sunday November 7th and all day Monday November 8th for routine maintenance.

So if you want to get your Roadhouse fix you have Friday and Saturday (and I guess most of Sunday) to get it in before you'll have to wait. But a part of me is wondering if they really have some maintenance going on, or if they ran out of rolls because of these folks:



@bulkboyseatBulk Boys own the record 🍽 @Texas Roadhouse #fyp #duet #foryoupage #texasroadhouse♬ Follow tsatkow92 - tsatkow92


As you know, TikTokers have been invading Roadhouse locations for The "Roll Challenge" and if this trend is still going, I'm quite sure the folks who make the rolls are working double time.

@barstoolsportsThe Texas Roadhouse roll challenge is the next great sport (ig: ethanherring30)♬ original sound - Barstool Sports


But if you absolutely need to get a good steak this weekend, maybe you can stop a few of the "Best Damn Places I Ate At" to spice it up a little bit. I don't know if they have cinna-butter rolls or not but I've been to a few of these places and they are pretty good and some have delicious steaks.

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