In our summer travels, we Texans will most likely make a stop at Buc-ee's. As a matter of fact, some will actually make it part of their plans. Buc-ee's is a true adventure. The stop for gas almost seems moot with all the shopping that can be done.

One other thing about Buc-ee's is the fact of not being afraid to go to the bathroom. There is no key on a three foot stick to take outside. You walk into a room, full of toilets and urinals (men's bathroom), with the same square footage as your house that's probably cleaner than your kitchen.

Now, the nation knows about that cleanliness that our favorite gas station takes pride in. The app GasBuddy has named Buc-ee's as the top rated pit stop among our 50 states according to It's also tops in Texas.

A side note of this survey, bathrooms, as a whole, have had a 6% increase in cleanliness since 2017. In other words, if you own a gas station, clean bathrooms mean a more likely chance of a stop.

So, there you go, whether you're vacationing on the Texas coast this summer, or stopping in Terrell on your way to a concert, you'll have no fear of stopping at Buc-ee's for a family bathroom break.

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