There's one thing that puts a smile on everyone's face during the Big D and Bubba show, picking on Patrick. This is one of the best one's yet.

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We get up, we're getting ready. The vibe is great for today, hair looking great. Feeling great, right? You get to work and you're killing it. About 10, you have to go to the bathroom. You look in the mirror and your see it.

A large gasp leaves your dropped jaw. You put your shirt on backwards. It's somewhat embarrassing, but something to give you a small laugh. You wonder about your co-workers, however, because they didn't tell you. Even further, your wife didn't even tell you before leaving the house.

It's happened to all of us at least once or twice. It's something to look back on, laugh, then plot some payback for those who didn't warn you about it.

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