You might be surprised to learn, but I don't listen to my iPod much. Or CD's for that matter. I spend a majority of my drive time bouncing between radio stations, and not the satellite kind. I've always loved just listening to radio, commercials and all. Having said that, I've compiled my Top 10 totally awesome songs from 2012 played on Texas radio. All have had radio play in 2012 (even if only on my show) and all are totally awesome.

10. Hayes Carll "Hard Out Here."

What else can I say besides Hayes gets me. His 2011 album  "KMAG YO YO (And Other American Stories)" was packed full of great jams.

9. Randy Rogers Band "Trouble Knows My Name."

This one barely made the list, seeing how it was released at the end of December. "One More Sad Song" deserves mention as well. Can't wait to hear their whole new album "Trouble." Be on the lookout, it'll be out in the next few weeks.

8. Cody Johnson Band "Guilty as Can Be."

I love killin' songs. And when Cody sings one, I love it even more.

7. Kacey Musgraves "Merry Go Round."

Needless to say 2011 was a HUGE year for one of the sweetest gals in country music. To start 2011, Musgraves was slated to open for John Mayer (before his tour was cancelled.) After that fell through she went on tour with Lady Antebellum and has since been dubbed the future of country music. In 2013 she'll be touring with Kenny Chesney.

7. JB and the Moonshine Band "The Only Drug."

This is the only song on my list that wasn't a single in 2012. For radio's sake I hope that changes in 2013. And yes I played this song two times on the radio last year, maybe three times -- so it qualifies for this list. Their album "Beer for Breakfast" was named one of Rolling Stone Magazine's Top 5 Country albums of 2012.

6. Mike McClure "Horse Shoe."

Producing some of the biggest albums the scene has ever seen, McClure has literally shaped the sound of Red Dirt music. This is one song I loved from the very first time I heard it.

5. Whiskey Myers "Virginia."

Their album "Firewater" is a MUST-have. If you don't have it, that means get it. And while other singles including "Ballad of a Southern Man," and "Anna Marie" also deserve mention, this was their best single last year.

4. The Cadillac Black "Get Your Buzz On."

I didn't like this song the first time I heard it. I mean it didn't hate it either, but it took randomly hearing it on the radio, driving to Oklahoma, for me to realize how totally awesome it is. Lead singer Jaren Johnston co-wrote Keith Urban's No.1 single "You Gonna Fly." These guys were also featured on ABC's Nashville last year.

3. Uncle Lucius "Pocket Full of Misery."

Kevin Galloway sings like an angel on voice steroids. I am secure enough in my manhood to say his voice is beautiful. But not secure enough to not preface the statement by saying "I am secure enough in my manhood." It's gonna be a huge 2013 for these guys.

2. Turnpike Troubadours "Good Lord Lorrie."

These guys have burst on the scene in a big way. Maybe it's because you'd be hard pressed to find a video or photo of Randy Rogers in 2012 where he's NOT wearing a Turnpike hat -- or maybe it's because they are THAT good. Probably both. Their album "Goodbye Normal Street" was the No. 1 selling album at in 2012.

1. The Damn Quails "So So Long."

These guys are legit. They're a brand new band, but you wouldn't know it listening to their album or watching them live. Their Mike McClure produced album "Down the Hatch" is another MUST-have of 2012. These guys will be blowing up shortly.

Honestly the numbers next to these songs don't mean much. The only exception being "So So Long" from The Damn Quails, hands down my favorite song of 2012. And yes, I know I have two No. 7's, but for me all ten eleven of these were great songs.

Let me close by saying, this was much harder than I anticipated. Some honorable mentions are Stoney LaRue "Travelin' Kind," Aaron Watson "Raise Your Bottle," Cody Canada and the Departed "True Love Never Dies," Jon Wolfe "It All Happened in a Honky Tonk," Pat Green "Even the Losers," and a ton more. I also meant to include your favorite too, quit harassing me.

Happy New Year!

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