So Tyler Farr stopped by the Big D and Bubba studio to have a simple conversation about music. Big D had other plans. He wanted to find out who had more guns in their vehicle, himself or Tyler Farr. We small a set up here.

Tyler Farr was not expecting this at all. As they get outside, Bubba was in his daughter's car for the day. There was a .380 in her car.

They move over to Tyler's truck. He gets into the back only to find a box with a couple of shells in it. In his center console is his lock box. In there was only some shells.

Lastly, we move to Big D's vehicle. Big D is ready to supply an army. He has a shotgun, a glock, and a 1911 22. Yeah, this was a big set up just so Big D could show off what he has.

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