Carsen joined Big D and Bubba almost five years ago. Over that time, we've learned that she is a huge 80's hairband fan. We've also learned that she is probably the world's biggest Garth Brooks fan. She has lost count how many times she's seen him in concert. We're going to take you back to 2016 when she got a huge surprise from Big D and Bubba.

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Carsen had not been with the Big D and Bubba show for very long. They did know how much of a Garth Brooks fan she is. Surprisingly, with as many times as she's Garth in concert, she had never met him. Well, Big D and Bubba offered up a huge surprise on the show.

Is she happy? We can't tell. (sarcasm sign) Yeah, she's super happy. So happy she probably came close to passing out. She got to fly to Arlington and interview Garth Brooks at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. It will also be her first time meeting Garth.

That day came and she was set up and ready to interview one of her all time favorites. Big D and Bubba were on the other end just as some support for Carsen as she got to interview Garth Brooks.

Despite her huge fan girl crush on Garth Brooks, she did really, really good with her interview. Since that time in 2016, she's had several other meetings with Garth, including getting a kiss from him at an awards show.

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