It has been months since Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Tyler, Texas has had employees creating those sandwiches that we all seem to love so much. But there was a recent post online that has people excited about the possibility of the sandwich shop opening their doors once again.  

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We all know there are lots of great businesses and restaurants serving some fantastic sandwich options. But I will admit I am a big Jimmy John’s fan, their sandwiches taste fresh, and they are reasonably prices. So, I was a big shocked last December when the locations on Troup Highway and Broadway Avenue both shut down in Tyler.  

I Asked Questions Before They Closed 

Last year when I noticed their hours were very limited, I believe they were only open a few hours each day. I was waiting for a sandwich and decided to ask the employees that were working why the business was only open the limited hours? It didn’t take long for employees to let me know that there weren’t enough employees to work all day. They had all been working for 10+ days in a row and they were all exhausted. 

Hiring For New Management 

There was a social media post over the weekend in the All Things Tyler group and it showed that Jimmy John’s in Tyler was hiring for an Assistant Manager, and the post mentioned that Jimmy John’s in Tyler is reopening.  


The information seemed real as I searched for the job posting online and found it too, click here. So, hopefully soon we will have Jimmy John’s open again in Tyler. Not sure when we can expect one or both of the stores to open their doors to customers quite yet.  

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