Bacon solves a lot of problems as it is, and now it can be a pile of treasure at the end of a bad-gift rainbow. An unwanted scarf might turn into a year's supply of free bacon if you use the right hashtag.

December 30th is National Bacon Day, and we'll still be in fleece pants after gorging on cookies and eggnog from Christmas so it will be the perfect time to stretch them out a little more with bacon.

Wright Brand bacon said it wants to "put an end to the bad gifting cycle and give people what they really want with the first-ever #BaconGiftSwap.”

If you get a gift that you're a little iffy on, or one that you just flat out know you'll never use in a million years, you can swap it for the chance to win a year's supply of bacon.  There's no need to hold onto ugly socks, poofy scarves, bad ties, or candles that have a scent that just doesn't do it for you.  (Have you seen those socks that have a picture of a guy wearing a facemask, with the caption, "Does this mask make me look taller?"  Those you might want to hang onto as a 2020 momento.)

From Dec. 30 to Jan. 15, if you share your unwanted gift and a description on Wright’s Instagram and Twitter channels you'll have the chance to win a year’s supply of hand-trimmed, thick-cut, wood smoked bacon.  In addition to the photo and description, share why you love bacon using #BaconGiftSwap, #Contest, and tagging @WrightBrand on Instagram or @WrightBacon on Twitter through Jan. 15.

They're going to pick 100 winners, and if you win, you will have to pack up the unwanted gift and send it back with a prepaid shipping label.  They mean business, so if you're thinking about offering up the coveted Nintendo Switch to try to win some bacon, know that you might be sitting on the couch with a BLT but no games.

It looks like 2021 will get off to a good start.  For bacon lovers anyway.


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