I am a foodie. I live for food, I love for food. The way to woo me is to take me to a restaurant that serves authentic, delicious foods, like Filipino food for instance.

My daughter, Willow, loves to have Taco Tuesdays and "Pick What You Want To Eat Fridays". We now have a new tradition: Filipino Food Thursdays.

It all started with my friend, Dori, who is Filipino. She invited me to celebrate a meal with her and her friends and to my delight, it was Filipino food. My first taste of homemade Filipino food was some knock-your-socks-off chicken adobo with a side of lumpia. My friend Monica put her foot in it, as my kinfolk back in Tennessee would say. Basically, that food was so good, I fell in love with it.

Here are the five best Filipino Foods you can either make yourself at home or order takeout from Bobaloompia in the Broadway Square Mall. My list includes such classic Filipino food hits including LumpiaBanana TuronPancitPork or Chicken Adobo, and Afritada.

5 Best Filipino Foods

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