Friday night (June 21) at Liberty Hall in Tyler, your favorite morning show, Big D and Bubba brought their game night to entertain the masses. Masses being the sold out 300 seats in the theater.

It was a night of unscripted stories, games and a surprise "visit" from a big country music star.

The show started out with the gang talking about their visit to the Army, Navy and Marine bases in Japan with the USO. The whiskey with the snake in it was the highlight.

A couple of audience members were brought up on stage for some fun games. One audience member came up for a made up song by Patrick. She is a road construction worker. Basically, she can drive a dump truck, which is hot, and probably out work any of the dudes there.

A couple of audience members, and KNUE weekend dude Michael Gibson, were brought up for a dating game with Carson. The guy in the Hawaiian shirt was kicked off first followed by Michael. Leaving the handsome dude in jeans and a teal shirt. The audience like him and it seemed that Carson did to. No word on if a true match was made.

We got a surprise "visit" from a big time country star, too. Bubba plugged up his phone and gave us a video chat with Lee Brice. We congratulated him on his number two song "Rumor" (we got to do some good natured picking on him for being number two).

Later in the evening, it was time for a little competition. Big D, Bubba and Carson versus "Midday Queen" Mandee Montana, "The Beard" Buddy Logan and "Weekend Hero" Michael Gibson. They had to answer random trivia from the audience. Big D and Bubba got the question "What is the official lizard of Texas?" To be honest, a lot of Texans may not know the answer, but Big D got it, the Horny Toad. Buddy stumbled on the question about where a lot of the country's salt comes from. Grand Saline for those that may not know.

The final game of the night was called "Face Off". Carson and Mandee faced off (pun intended) as they teamed up with an audience member to help them guess a celebrity without using some obvious clues.

To end the night, it was an audience karaoke session but using lyrics that have Google translated. First it was Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" followed by a non-translated version of Hank Williams, Jr's "Family Tradition".

All in all, it was a great night of laughs and fun with the group that starts your day Monday through Saturday mornings on 101.5 KNUE.

Big D and Bubba's Game Night

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