Thieves are the absolute worst. For some reason, they feel that taking money from a business or taking something from someone who has worked hard to acquire an item is their right to do so because they are not in a position to do the same. Its wrong no matter the reason, or excuse, for the theft. Luckily, some thieves just are not good at it. For instance, a Tyler man thought he could rob a gas station in Lindale, Texas and ended up behind bars anyway.

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110 and I-20

Being from Lindale and having lived not far from this location, I am very familiar with where this attempted crime took place. At the intersection of Highway 110 and Interstate 20 in Lindale is a quaint little gas station. It doesn't get the business that Quik Trip or the 7-Eleven at Hideaway Lake does, but it's a locally owned business that has a few loyal customers. A would-be customer from Tyler decided he thought it would be okay to steal some money from this business. Thing was, he didn't succeed and ended up in the Smith County Jail.

Dayton Grant Sherfield

Last Friday, July 21, around noon, 22-year-old Dayton Grant Sherfield of Tyler walked into the Exxon at Highway 110 and Interstate 20 and attempted to grab some money from the register. His attempt was not successful and he ran out of the store and got into a white Chevy Impala, crossed the overpass and headed west on Interstate 20. Lindale police were called and a search began for Sherfield.

Exxon at Interstate 20 and Highway 110 in Lindale - Google Maps
Exxon at Interstate 20 and Highway 110 in Lindale - Google Maps

It wasn't long until Police found Sherfield a few miles from the attempted robbery at Appletree Inn at Interstate 20 and Highway 69. Sherfield was arrested and taken to the Smith County Jail. He is charged with robbery and held on a $50,000 bond according to jail records.

Appletree Inn at Interstate 20 and Highway 69 in Lindale - Google Maps
Appletree Inn at Interstate 20 and Highway 69 in Lindale - Google Maps

I don't think we can qualify Dayton Grant Sherfield as our Dumb Crook of the Week but he certainly isn't very good at being a thief and isn't very good at finding a good hiding spot.

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