During time like these, it's a normal human response to let anxiety take hold. I mean, how often do we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a actual pandemic.

We worry about getting sick, others being sick, and our financial well-being. We also worry on a larger scale about how this will affect other people in our communities and the world at large. What about the economy?

Combine all of those worries with social isolation and the resulting loneliness that can sometimes entail and you've got a cocktail for overthinking and anxiety.

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As someone who battles anxiety, I so feel you on this. Even in more "normal" times (is there really such a thing), many of us already have a tendency to overthink and analyze every little thing to the point where we've knotted ourselves up into a pretzel of worry. So this?

So what's to be done?

Naturally, the things we already know we should be doing to engage in self-care and relaxation are all the more relevant. Take some time every day to journal, pray, and/or meditate. Please make sure you're doing your very best to enjoy those "quarantine junk food snacks" in moderation and focus on preparing nutritious meals that will truly support your health. What we eat definitely has an effect on our emotions.

Even if you're not a regular exerciser, this is the perfect opportunity to take at least 10 to 20 minutes everyday to take a walk (keeping your distance from other people, of course), stretch, and lift light weights. Get out and garden a little. Nature is a proven balm for anxiety.

Basically, do whatever you can to get out of your head and re-connect to your body. Be present in the moment. Whenever you feel concerns about the future start to arise, engage in an activity that brings you "down to earth." Do this hour by hour. Moment by moment, if you need to.

And remember--we will get through this. This too shall pass. And we are all in this together.

Breathe. <3

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