While staying at home over the last many months has been helpful in preventing the spread of the pandemic, a pandemic of a different type has raged on. In some cases, quite literally.

For people trapped at home in an environment of domestic abuse, 2020 has created another level of hell.

Bristol University sociologist Marianne Hester studies abusive relationships. Sadly, domestic violence always goes up anyway during holidays or any occasion where families spend more time together. That includes Christmas or vacations, etc. So you can imagine how being "locked-down" for months and months would affect it even more.

Domestic violence hotline workers around the U.S. have reported increased calls after the coronavirus outbreak. Simply being cooped up with someone prone to abusive behavior is already a disaster waiting to happen. Add on the financial strains of a partner losing a job or having to deal with kids schooling from home, and the stress levels in some homes goes through the roof.

And lockdown or quarantining means there are less reasons (or excuses) to leave home.

The New York Times reports that Amanda Pyron, executive director of an advocacy organization in Illinois called the Network, said that "callers have asked for help on how to keep their partners calm, how to secretly save money, how to develop code words with children that will tell them they need to call 911," and so on. The usual safety supports of visiting friends or loved ones haven't been as available, and not at all without risking exposure to the Coronavirus.

If you know someone or you yourself are subject to an abusive situation, here are some of the resources right here in East Texas:

Hotlines: 903-595-5591 or 800-333-0358

Hotlines: (903)295-7526, (800)441-5555

24-hour crisis hotline at 1-800-828-7233.

If you are in immediate danger, don't hesitate to call 911.

Please keep an eye on your loved ones. Reach out to those whom you fear may be in a situation like this. Let them know they're not alone. There is help.

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