The foodie in me is SCREAMING: Jucy's Burgers is opening up a new spot in Tyler! (


If you're new to these parts you might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Jucy's was established in 1980 by the Maxey Family (Ronnie), as reports. Ronnie's daughter, Molly, and her husband, Dustin Anthony, have expanded Jucy's into a booming family franchise. They've got several locations in East Texas and are now making plans to open the Jucy's doors on the Tyler Loop. They also recently launched Jucy's Tacos as part of their family empire (locations in Longview, Marshall, Henderson, and Palestine). It seems Jucy's is a "bucket list" item for some foodies chasing good meals all over Texas. Outsiders have never heard of Jucy's but it is definitely an East Texas/West Louisiana favorite. Some people will hop in the car and drive over the LA border just to come to grab a bite. It's almost like Jucy's is the mom and pop "In And Out" Burger of Texas! (If you've ever had an In & Out burger then you know what I'm talking about.) Customers and food critics far and wide rave about the food at Jucy's. It was named one of the best burgers to have in the entire state of Texas. One food critic showcased the restaurant on his traveling food show, "The Texas Bucket List". In 2015, the company won "Best Burger in Texas" ( by Texas Highway Magazine. During the coronavirus pandemic, Jucy's has been offering limited service: curbside and drive-thru only ( The Anthony Family has pivoted to offer online service, too, so even during the COVID phases of lockdown, Jucy's is still poppin' out those "juicy" burgers (and a tasty-lookin' breakfast menu, too)!

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