Sometimes, there's just nothing quite like Italian food. And since it usually involves bread and pasta, this food is super comforting. But it's also casually elegant, and quite often delicious. I mean, there's a reason we love pizza so much.

And fettucine alfredo, spaghetti with meatballs, and calzones. Yum... 

I just love running across a great new Italian place that's not too far from home. Seriously, I've had the privilege of enjoying food all around the country, and I'm here to tell you we have some of the BEST food in the country right here in East Texas.

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The food itself is a huge deal. But great places to enjoy Italian food usually offer more than that. Some places are a bit more formal. Others super cozy with chill vibes. And each offers their own unique culinary contributions to this food "genre" that we love so much.

For example, I would literally go to a restaurant simply because of their bread or their signature Italian desserts like tiramisu. And if any of these places also delve into the art of the cappuccino, so much the better.

Thankfully we have lots of great places to get Italian in East Texas. Truly, we all have our favorite spots. Some of those may not even be on this list. (If not, please share your favorite place in the comments below cuz I need access to this information. ;))

But for now, let's take a look at ten of the best places to get it in Tyler, in no particular order, according to Yelp:

Ten of the BEST Places to Get Italian Food in Tyler

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