I dogged on the Las Vegas Raiders last week calling them a fluke. I will have to retract that statement this week. Going into Pittsburg and handing the Pittsburg Steelers a big defeat is pretty big. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are licking their wounds after their loss to the Baltimore Ravens. But don't worry, they will rebound on Sunday.

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So last week I said "...it's hard to look at this Raiders team and actually believe in them." So, yeah, I may have spoken a little too soon. Not that I am completely turned around on the Raiders but going into Pittsburg, one of the hardest places a visiting team can play, and very decisively beating the Steelers is pretty huge. Derek Carr went 28 for 37 for 382 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. The Raiders also kicked four field goals. It's tough to win when you kick that many field goals but that just means the Steelers offense and defense need some serious improvement. The Raiders are back in Las Vegas Sunday hosting the Miami Dolphins. There's a very good chance that the Raiders will come out at 3-0, 30-21.

For East Texas Chiefs fans, it was a tough Sunday night. The Chiefs have dominated the Ravens the last couple of seasons but they finally got some revenge with their last second field goal to win 36-35. The Chiefs are back home Sunday to face the Los Angeles Chargers who are coming off their own last second defeat to the Dallas Cowboys. Chiefs will bounce back with a 42-28 victory.

Here are the rest of my Week 3 picks:

Thursday, September 23

  • Panthers at Texans - Panthers

Sunday, September 26

  • Washington at Bills - Bills
  • Bears at Browns - Browns
  • Ravens at Lions - Ravens
  • Colts at Titans - Titans
  • Chargers at Chiefs - Chiefs
  • Saints at Patriots - Patriots
  • Falcons at Giants - Falcons
  • Bengals at Steelers - Bengals
  • Cardinals at Jaguars - Cardinals
  • Jets at Broncos - Broncos
  • Dolphins at Raiders - Raiders
  • Buccaneers at Rams - Buccaneers
  • Seahawks at Vikings - Seahawks
  • Packers at 49ers - 49ers

Monday, September 27

  • Eagles at Cowboys - Cowboys

Nothing is up for grabs but bragging rights if you can out pick me. Make 'em and let's have some fun.

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