There is never a bad time to honor those in our armed forces. Those men and women voluntarily sacrifice a part of their life to defend our country from enemies both foreign and domestic. Many times, those brave men and women do not come home. That's the mission behind Run for the Wall, to remember those who have fallen and for those who are prisoners of war (POW). This May will once again be their cross-country run from California to Washington, D.C. Part of that run will travel on Interstate 20 through East Texas and will make two stops in Longview, Texas.

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Run for the Wall

2023 will mark the 33rd cross-country motorcycle ride for Run for the Wall. This group of military veterans are greeted every year either along the highway or at their various stops with thunderous applause and flags waving proudly. I don't know anyone personally who has ridden in the event but that doesn't stop a tear or ten when I see videos of the ride going through a town.

For us in East Texas, we take a great pride in honoring our veterans. I have personally witnessed on multiple occasions someone taking the time during their grocery shopping to stop and thank someone proudly wearing their veteran cap.

History and Stops

Run for the Wall has been in operation since 1986. From it's time as a single rider going cross-country to today, Run for the Wall has grown into a healing journey for many veterans and the perfect way to remember their brothers and sisters. Each year, the journey takes riders from California to the Vietnam Veterans Wall in Washington, D.C. and the Middle East Conflict Wall in Marseilles, IL.

Run for the Wall in East Texas

For the 2023 ride, they will take Interstate 20 through East Texas and will make two stops in Longview. Looking at the southern route timeline, they are expected to enter Texas on Friday, May 19. They should reach Longview by Sunday, May 21. The riders will be making stops at 4108 West Loop 281 in Longview, across from Pine Tree Middle School and at 1123 Jaycee Drive in Longview, home to the Gregg County Fair.

Either of these locations would be a great place to gather with friends and family, proudly display your flag and honor these riders riding for those who can't. To get all the details on this year's Run for the Wall, go to

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