Whataburger. A Texas icon.

It's so much a beloved part of our Texan culture it's more like a friend. We rely on it. It's comforting and always delicious.

When the Whataburger that is closest to my home closed for remodeling, I thought I'd be fine. After all, there are other Whataburgers.

But here's the thing--I didn't realize how much I took the comfort of that five minute round trip to get dinner for granted until I couldn't go anymore.

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So when I noticed they'd re-opened the other day, I was pretty excited. When I walked in, even more so! They'd done an incredible job with the renovations.

In some ways it's more modern than before. The colors, the table spacing, the gorgeous new digital menu, and the new giant flat screen.

In other ways? It harkened back to earlier days. For example I noticed that the team members were all wearing a tie of some kind. And honestly? The food has always been good, but since the remodel it's been INCREDIBLY good every time.

Last time I went in, I noticed a group of friendly people sitting near one another on one side of the restaurant. They saw me taking a few photos and said hello.

Turns out, they were part of the corporate team or the franchise director of operations. I asked them if they were planning to do this same thing to the other Whataburgers in East Texas. (After all, we'd heard rumors that Whataburger may be getting a nation-wide facelift.

They explained that, no, it wasn't everywhere. But that we may be seeing these changes in other select stores.

As long as they keep serving the food we love in that signature Whataburger way, we're all good. Also, don't forget they've brought back that absurdly good Breakfast Burger.

But here's a look at what they've done at the Whataburger in Gresham on Old Jacksonville Hwy in Tyler:

This Tyler Whataburger has Made Some BIG Changes--More Stores to Follow?

In some ways it's more modern than before. The colors, the table spacing, the gorgeous new digital menu, and the new giant flat screen. In other ways? It harkened back to earlier days

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