I'll never forget the first time I microwaved something in aluminum foil. I was a kid and my parents were out or sleeping. Anyway, I was peckish and put a saved burrito from the night before, put in the microwave, hit start, and watched the sparks fly (much to my horror.) OK, lesson learned.

You may have also had a similar experience, microwaving something that never should be--plastics, silverware, bread, etc. But I was reading an article this morning that alarmed me. Were you aware that microwaving nothing at all could be dangerous, not to mention destructive to you appliance?

Of course, we don't tend to intend to microwave nothing. If you DO intend to microwave the unfortunate air trapped in your microwave for no good reason, you may want to contact someone for mental help OR at least find one or two new hobbies to keep you entertained if microwaving empty space seems at all compelling. Ever considered watching paint dry? ;)

All jokes aside, believe it or not, there could be real danger in forgetting to put in the bag of microwave popcorn before hitting start. Here's why:

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Our microwaves cook food with, ya know--waves. Those waves are absorbed into the food you're cooking. If you AREN'T cooking anything, that means the waves are frenetic and the appliance absorbs them instead. You do not want your microwave to "consume" these waves--it could lead to severe damage and even combustion. In other words, it could blow up.

Please be mindful and make sure your kids are aware, too. While you're at it, ya might mention the foil thing to them, too. Actually, maybe don't cuz although it's a bad idea, watching those sparks fly in the microwave as a kid was actually pretty cool.

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