Honestly, it's something we never thought we'd hear in Texas, but...

Some Tyler, Texas residents say they don't want another Whataburger. How can this be?

To be clear, it's NOT because they don't adore Whataburger, which is as much a part of our Texas culture as anything could be. So what's the deal?

This came to our attention thanks to a post on a social media group page. One Tyler resident noticed that recently another Whataburger opened on South Broadway.

Miranda Polyard said as much as she loves Whataburger, she doesn't understand why they built one right by the mall when there is a location a couple of miles both north and south on or right off-Broadway.

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Personally, I'll for there being as many Whataburgers as is humanly possible in East Texas. LOL. OK, maybe not *quite* that many, but ya get my drift. I mean, we could have at least as many Whataburgers as we have Starbucks, am I right? ;)

At the same time, she makes a valid point about there being Whataburgers so close to the new location in Tyler. But then...

One commenter on her post said he'd heard the Whataburger next to the IHOP on Loop 323 was going to close. And honestly, that makes me kinda sad. Ya know why? Because that's one of the few old-style A-frame buildings that we don't usually get to see as often in new builds.

There were quite a few more specific replies regarding the building of yet another new Whataburger in Tyler, TX.

Some people said they also love Whataburger, but they get frustrated to see so many repeats of the same business when they would prefer to see a great variety of options come to Tyler, and East Texas in general.

What would they like to see instead? Well, there were a variety of replies. Some say they'd like "healthier options." Others bemoan the fact that we've yet to see a Trader Joe's in East Texas.

Some Tyler residents said they'd like to see the old A&W location come back. (Remember that place?) Another commenter wants to see a *gasp* In & Out Burger in Tyler, Texas. Think it'll ever happen? ;)

What else have East Texans in Tyler, Longview, Kilgore, Van, Lindale, and all over said they'd like to see here? Here's more of their thoughts:

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