Part of my plan this new year is to get back on track with my health and wellness goals. Yep, it includes whittling my weight back down, exercise, and eating healthfully. It also means Including daily meditation--a highly underrated part of wellness, in my opinion.

Meditation for me is like dropping an emotional plumb-line. It's a way to restore a sense of clarity. When I meditate, the tone of my entire day changes. When I'm NOT meditating, even thought I already know its benefits---it's easy to let a meditation practice seem like something you can do without. At least for one day. Then one day becomes two, and then weeks go by.

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But there's a reason it's called a "practice." It's ongoing and seems to have exponentially positive, cumulative effects on your sense of mental well-being. Just like brushing your teeth, it has to be etched into your permanent routine. Meditation apps can be hugely helpful in building this habit. I highly recommend for beginners, especially.

But now, there's an even EASIER way to get started. If you're a Netflix subscriber, please check out the new Headspace series. Seriously, each episode is only about 20 minutes and provides a good foundation of knowledge, in a delightfully easy to understand way, that can get you started...or at least considering...making meditation a part of your routine.

After watching, I hope you'll consider the app, too. I use it every single day.


In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the Netflix series.

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