Ya know, it seems like most people I know are always trying to lose weight. Have ya noticed? Weight-loss programs, pills, supplements, and the latest trending fads are a billion dollar industry. Clearly, it's a high priority for many of our friends and family. It also seems like one of the most challenging things for Americans to do. First world problems, am I right?

Yet fads and gimmicks aside, we've heard time and time again from the experts the best way to approach weight loss. Well, healthy weight loss. Sustainable weight loss. We're not talking about the attempt to drop twenty pounds before your sister's wedding next week.

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The basics of weight loss have been known for a long time. Genetic or health issues issues aside, many of us know the rights and wrongs in this regard. Granted, it adds an enormous challenge to seek to follow these guidelines in a world where we're continually bombarded with advertisements and drive-thru's. It's like living in Vegas while being vehemently opposed to revelry of any kind. But here we are.

Another interesting thing about Americans is that we don't take well to being told what to do. It's as if an inherent rebellious trigger fires subconsciously. As soon as we decide we want to lose weight, we start craving whatever it is we're not supposed to have. So, why not buck the system and learn about how NOT to lose weight? Maybe then we'll be more likely to "sabotage" ourselves into losing weight. Or maybe not. But either way, it'll be fun.

Disclaimer: The foods and behaviors mentioned below can be fun for special occasions. But if you really want to significantly pack on some pounds, make sure to engage in these daily. It's consistency that counts. ;) And now... seriously: 

This is only meant for fun and is in no way designed to be considered advice to be follow. As someone who has also struggled with weight loss over the years, it's meant for entertainment purposes only. <3

How To *Not* Lose Weight: A Quick Guide:

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