Uh, what?! What on earth is 'hygge?'

Funny word, huh? Pronounced "hoo-guh," think of hygge as the Danish a word to describe the Danish concept of a cozy lifestyle focused on curating contentment and a sense of well-being and embracing the simple, sweet things and moments of life. Think of it as a kind of "coziness of the soul."

Isn't that lovely? I see no reason why we can't incorporate a little hygge here in East Texas--especially during this particularly cozy time of year. If you'd like to delve a bit deeper into the concept, I'd invite you to check out Hyggehouse.com. Right now, let's dig into a few ways you can start incorporating hygge in your life this week:

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Enjoy a leisurely morning. Yeah, remember those? When's the last time you got up early enough to simply enjoy the day. Light some candles, savor a cup of coffee and breakfast in bed, read, knit. Just be.

Buy flowers for yourself. Obviously it's nice to get them from someone else, but there's no reason you can't buy flowers for yourself. You can completely change the vibe of your home simply by having beautiful flowers or greenery on a kitchen island, table, or by your bedside. Try putting some by your child's bed, too.

Make a new recipe from scratch--slowly. I know, usually we're all so frantic that just slinging food on the table feels like a major accomplishment--and it is. Kudos. However, preparing a meal, slowly, zen-like, with love, can be almost a spiritual experience. Put on music you love and turn your meal prep into a creative endeavor. Eat by candlelight.

Have an old movie night. Invite friends over or just enjoy a solo evening watching feel-good films from the past. Hot cocoa, comfy socks, and piles of blankets required.

Have a "screen-free" night and create something. If you love to bake, make cookies. Knit? Create something beautiful for someone you love. Write? Sketch? That part is up to you. The point is to create rather than consume.

These are just a few suggestions. Keep reading for more ideas below. I bet you could think of some others to add to this list? Won't you share?

Happy "Hygge-ing" friends.

Here's more ways to cultivate hygge in your home and life right now:

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