When you're not getting out and about as you would in your normal day-to-day routine, its easy to snack here and there, lounge, sleep a little longer, or just get cozy being home. The flip side to that coin? Home is where the pounds are!

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Zippia has put together what's called the 'Quarantine Calculator' that can tell you an estimate of just how much weight you can put on by slacking off at home. Trust me, it'll make you want to get outside with the kids, or the dog, or just for a quick walk around the park.

I participated in the calculator and here's my score:


Geez! I guess it's time to follow my favorite yoga instructor on Facebook live and get to it!

According to Zippia, if you keep snacks around the desk and start having an extra drink or two, it turns out you could put on over 10 pounds! But now that you know, maybe you'll escape the same fate through exercise and healthy eating.

Try out the calculator here for yourself. And regardless, keep loving who you are!

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