I know calorie-tracking apps have fallen somewhat out of "vogue" with many East Texans. In some ways, that's not all bad. When it comes to eating more healthfully, there's been a shift away from just counting calories toward considering what it is we're feeding ourselves. One can count calories all day long, but if the only calories, however few, you're consuming, are candy and hot dogs, we may have a problem.

Lifestyle changes focusing on eating whole foods--whether you are coming from a plant-based or paleo point of view--is a good idea. At the same time, even if you're eating organic chicken breasts, broccoli, or organic tofu and beans, if you're eating too much of them and remaining quite sedentary, you may still not get the results you're looking for. I speak from personal experience.

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So much of our eating habits, for some of us, aren't based on hunger alone. They can be very much tied up into our emotions, especially in times like these. And although it is a type of blessing, many Americans simply don't know what it feels like to be truly hungry anyway. Enter the calorie-counting app.

Now, I'm not saying this needs to become some type of rule-based, panic-inducing practice, but it is a fantastic way to gauge the reality of what you're taking in and what you're working off every day. This will save you much frustration down the road.

I use the Lose It app, but there are many. I love that I can set a goal that shows me, based on how intense of a program I want to embrace, approximately when I can expect to reach my goal. Plus, just the process of taking a few moments to enter what it is you're consuming each day is eye-opening. We tend to forget some of the "peripheral" snacks we consume in life's frustrating, in-between moments.

You also enter your weight every morning. I know, some people hate this. But--I find it keeps me accountable. I don't stress over small changes, because that's normal. Yet, if I'm seeing a trend that I'm not happy with, that indicates a change needs to be made.

There's also a place to enter your exercise output each day--which is essence gives you the opportunity to eat a few more calories if that fits in and eat them without worry or guilt. Be honest, though, when entering amounts of food or exercise. Otherwise, what's the point?

If you're struggling and feel lost in your weight loss journey from one day to the next, I highly recommend giving it a try.

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