Beginning on September 13, 2018, I set off on a path to become a healthier version of myself. Years and years had gone by and I'd let life circumstances, bouts with sadness or anxiety, and just occasional apathy creep in to my life. I found myself in a not very good place.

Thankfully a friend, Melinda Coker, who is an author and health and nutrition advocate, offered me a lifeline. Her program took me through several months of a nutritional and lifestyle reboot that enabled me to make some real changes in my life.

The results were stunning. A whole-food plant based approach, coupled with moderate levels of exercise, enabled me to lose 43 pounds in a relatively efficient amount of time. On top of that, anytime you're feeding your body the nutrients that it craves and moving your body on a regular basis, you can't help but start to feel better. And here's the magic: Once you feel better and stronger in one or two areas of your life, then you feel more confident to engage more boldly and take positive steps in other areas of your life.

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On top of that, throughout this program I really didn't struggle with hunger. So many times in the past, feeling hunger always seemed an inescapable aspect of any diet program I tried. If you want to learn more about Melinda's program and take a look at her books, you can e-meet her here.

So, here I am today. Although my life has been permanently altered for the better, it seems life's stressors always have a way of wheedling their way back into our daily lives and acting as saboteurs in our journeys to reach and maintain our goals. Certainly a global pandemic and a dramatic shift in lifestyle, via a stay-at-home order, can wreak havoc on one's momentum. I've gained back some pounds, I'm not drinking enough water, and I'm certainly not engaging in self-care the way we should.

Thus, I've decided to make these next few months my Super Summer Reset for the months of June, July, and August. Sure, I would like to lose pounds--21 to be precise. But. This isn't about "losing weight." It's about being healthier.

The goal is to not only get back on track with a mostly whole foods, plant-based diet and exercise. It's also a high priority to include stretching, meditating, and discovering and/or reconnecting with life-affirming activities.

Those may include engaging more deeply in friendship, reading books that inspire, watching content that is uplifting, and learning skills that are fun, but also great for brain health.

And, I'll be giving weekly updates on how that's all going. LOL. Wish me luck. And come along if you'd like. :)

I'm still putting together a bit of a program--but it's coming. My goal is not to be too rigid, because that would just become another type of stressor, wouldn't it? I will share more with you when I have it, if you're interested. Just shoot an email to

How about you? What are your plans this summer? Ready to have your own Super Summer Reset? <3

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